Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Staying Motivated

Staying motivated on a slimming diet can be hard. Especially after the initial first few weeks weight loss.

A few helpful tips:

  • ·         Plan your eating plan and shopping week ahead
  • ·         Always have your diet food in the house so you won’t be tempted to eat non diet plan foods
  • ·         Remember your original reason for dieting
  • ·         Keep a photo diary
  • ·         Imagine yourself fitting into a new item of clothing and looking slim
  • ·         Track the food you eat every day
  • ·         Join a support website like fitday 
  • ·         Weigh yourself weekly not daily
  • ·         Realise your eating triggers
  • ·         Have a picture of yourself looking fat on your biscuit tin fridge, or temptation area
  • ·         Have smell tin containing strong smelling items like ginger, cloves or a tissue  impregnated with  perfume.
  • ·         Feeling peckish when you’ve eaten all you should have already? Clean your teeth.
  • ·         Chew gum if you feel peckish between meals
  • ·         Drink some water, water can make you feel full
  • ·         If you haven’t stuck to your diet don’t make it worse by going for broke; just get back on to your diet a.s.a.p.
  • ·         Reward yourself with a non food item, i.e. bubble bath, massage, or meet up with a friend
  • ·         Think who would most like you to stay overweight and diet to spite them

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