Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and Weight Loss
Exercise is great for your body. Weight training is great for your metabolism. Some ladies worry that they will get big bulky muscles if they weight train but you won’t we don’t have enough male hormone to do that. But we can achieve a toned slimmer looking body. Slim and toned equals a happy mind and a happy body.
If you think that you can eat as much you like and then exercise hard to burn off the calories, I am sorry to say it won’t work. A reducing diet combined with exercise will work. To lose one pound of fat you have to cut out 3500 calories nearly two days food! To exercise away a pound of fat you work have to walk for 6 hours!
Regular activity can help you lose weight. Everything you eat contains calories, and even if you eat a low fat diet, your body will store unused calories as fat. Exercise can help control your weight by allowing your body to burn the calories that it might otherwise store as fat.
Aerobic activities like swimming, walking, jogging, dancing and cycling can help if you're looking to control your weight. These simple exercises increase your rate of breathing, and allow your body to begin burning stored fat as fuel. Remember, for the first twenty minutes of any aerobic exercise, your body will be using energy made from food you ate that day. You won't start burning stored fat until you've exercised for over twenty minutes continuously.
Aerobic exercises can contribute to body fat loss, but you might still find that stubborn body fat won't disappear from problem areas such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The bad news is, you can't lose body fat from just one area of the body at a time; fat loss has to occur from your entire body all at once. When fat deposits accumulate in one area, such as the belly, those fat deposits will be the last to go.
However, you can still tone the muscles of your body through strength training or anaerobic exercise. Also, since fat is burned within the muscles, building and maintaining muscle mass will allow you to burn calories more effectively, even while at rest. Muscle bulk increases your metabolic rate (the speed you burn energy).
You have nothing to lose but your fat!

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